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Tecnigold Spa
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Manufacturer/Supplier - Jewellery
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Tecnigold S.p.A. was founded in Borso Del Grappa in 1979, a few kilometres from
Vicenza by Francesco Piotto and under his capable and enlightened leadership, together
with his son Paolo’s management, the company has reached worldwide recognition
and is now one of the world leader in the production, distribution and export
of gold chains.
A valuable team in excess of 100 people is currently employed by the company and
works in order to constantly offer the best, in terms of products and service.
Tecnigold satisfies the requests of its several and various markets with the most complete
carats range: 8kt, 9kt, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, 24kt
The style, classical but innovative at the same time, expresses itself at its best through
the diamond cut finishing, the rhodium finishing and the usage of coloured alloys.
The attention to the creative process together with a vanguard technology has enabled
Tecnigold to interpret to perfection over 2500 gold chains styles.

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