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  • Blogs

    An Interview with Dacques Nini in Mogok

    Dacques Nini, GIA GG, PG, JDT, FCGmA, has years of adventures in some of the most famous and exotic sources of diamonds and coloured gemstones. He has lived in Canada, South Africa and Brazil as a gemstone trader. Working as a field gemmologist, Nini visits gemstone countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Myanmar, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. He has likewise visited some of the famed diamond mines in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and South Africa.

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  • Features

    Traders highlight rosy future for rubies

    Buyers’ unwavering affinity for rubies, coupled with significant improvements in the global market, is seen to drive solid demand for the treasured red gemstone throughout 2017.

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  • Features

    Belpearl holds 5th international Myanmar pearl auction in Hong Kong

    A broad selection of top-quality golden South Sea pearls from Myanmar is on display at the 5th International Myanmar Pearl Auction being held in Hong Kong from February 23 to 24.

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  • Daily News

    US ban on Myanmar goods lifted by Executive Order

    In light of the recent lift of the US ban on gemstones and jade from Myanmar, the Burma Ruby Task Force said it will continue to work with industry stakeholders and government representatives to help develop a transparent supply chain that is viable for Myanmar as well as the industry as a whole.

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