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Bachelor in Commerce , Graduate Diamantaire,AJP
Krishma’s sense of aesthetic is unparalleled. She is an artist at heart always sketching right from school, making a profession out of her passion in jewellery design.After completing her graduation specialising in commerce she went to pursue a jewellery design at JDFT and also a diploma programme in Diamond Grading, an in-depth study about diamonds. She strives to attain perfection and has won many awards for her jewellery that are truly breathtaking.She straddles two cities, working with artisans in Mumbai bringing her products to clientele in Bangalore. She artfully blends exceptional craftsmanship with gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious gems in miniature timeless sculptures.Jewellery to her is a perfect blend of art and science.Her desire is to create something you will cherish, an heirloom piece that will be treasured for many lifetimes.She draws inspiration from nature in various forms be it abstract or in its most organic form.Awards to her credit - World Gold Council Awards, Saul Bell Design Award, TIJA 2009, ArtofJewellery Design Award, DressCircle award, XIFU Gold Jewellery Design Award, MIC Creative Jewellery Design Award, Samshin International Diamond Jewellery Design Award, JMA Jewellery Design Award
  • Dance of the Freaky Circle
    Description: The Hair accessory crafted in 22kt gold wire with twists & turns give a delicate...
  • Drama in the winds
    Description: It takes its inspiration from a woman who dances her heart out and celebrates life...
  • Windows to the Future
    Description: It is inspired by the concept of cube within a cube reflecting boundless opportunities...
  • Rhythm of the Glorious Sun
    Description: This design is intended for women who value their traditional roots, yet dare to...
  • Nakshi Design
    Description: Sindoor (Vermilion) box crafted in 22kt yellow gold with antique finish encrusted...
  • Rhythm of the Glorious Sun
    Description: This design is intended for women who value their traditional roots, yet dare to...
  • One tree one life
    Description: The design is based on the concept of plant a seed, nurture a tree and protect ...
  • Amer
    Description: Inspired by the incredible architecture of Amer fort in Jaipur. The architectural...
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