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EL B 066

#Gold Jewellery  



The Chairman of our Board of Directors began with a small jewelry shop he opened on February 3, 1984 at Eğridere Bazaar, and then began selling of wholesale bracelets and rings.

In 1987, he established a workshop for the production of the bracelets and wedding rings.

In 1992, he established Ahlatcı Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals and became a member of Central Bank of Turkey, Money and Effective Markets.

It has an important place in the field of production and export of gold of Turkey. As of this date, it has been operating in 5 main groups as energy, health, shopping centers and the automotive industries with its 25 companies.

It has been honored as "The Group with maximum Social Security contributions paid" in Çorum city for 2010 through its 1500 employees.

For the jewelry and foreign exchange as our main group, it has a structure supplying wedding rings and bracelets to 2300 jewelry shops in 75 cities of Turkey.

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