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WaxJet-300 is a high-precision multi-extruders wax jet 3D printer, which is mainly used in jewelry design, trials for jewelry pattern-making and small batches production, and reduce style development time. WaxJetPrint is a slicing software specially developed for jewelry designers. It can be free to set the printing precision degree and automatically count the printing time. Print size: 304*185.5*200mm, printer size: 1200*1000*1600mm.



Supplier Flashforge Corporation

Flashforge Corporation is one of the first Chinese 3D printing corporation, and now possesses dozens of product categories in 10 product lines including filament and software. The product application covers many areas, suitable for various customer. Flashforge Corporation makes full printing solutions for global users.
Flashforge Corporation develops its own independent R&D center and an advanced R&D laboratory. Covering an area of 10000 ㎡, the affiliated plant is capable of producing 7000 3D printers monthly. It boasts dozens of national patents. Flashforge’s products are sold to over 40 countries and therefore higher market shares are obtained.

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