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Fine Natural Saltwater Pearls Earrings

Modern Natural Saltwater Pearl Earrings with Each Button Shape Pearls almost 10mm and each pearl certified by Dannatt for the Natural Saltwater Pearl Authenticity.

#Natural pearl  


Supplier Vishrut Gems

VISHRUT GEMS is a leading merchant of a

rare jewels & especially Bahraini pearls since 1919.

The company represents the fourth generation and

Has been a regular supply of Bombay Bunch Pearls

for from its own manufacturing unit

to drill process, polished and string Natural oriental

Gulf pearls. The company has won numerous awards and exports its products throughout Saudi Arabia Bahrain Kuwait Dubai & doha. including Europe United States Far East and many other countries searching for perfection. We speciallize in

Natural Saltwater Pearls from 1.00 Mm to 14.00 Mm

thus giving wide choice of options to its clients in all

quality color and size.

This is only possible due to heritage of contacts skills

knowledge and experience the company has gained

over the years.

Company Showroom

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