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Shell Cameos

Handmade shell cameo



Supplier Aucella Srl

Is it a passion or a mysterious illness that pushes, from the distant 1930, the components of Aucella's Family into the fascinating world of coral and cameos? Currently the firm Aucella Srl is held by the third generation, but the fourth already pushes for getting in. As a matter of fact, the Aucella Srl, born officially in 1930, was already working at the end of 1800 and suspended its activity only during the events of the first world war. Aucella's production has always characterized itself for its handicraft production that makes every article a small masterpiece. Particular emotion engraved on coral and cameos: This is what Aucella's objects stand for. Ten fixed employees and a myriad of small laboratories that gravitate in its commercial orbit make Aucella Srl one of the leading firms of Torre Del Greed, a city known worldwide for workmanship of coral and cameos. Aucella Srl produces a whole range of articles only destined to few people; from unmounted coral and cameos to silver and gold mounted or even to those edged by precious stone.

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