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Tanzanite and Yellow Diamond Ring

Tanzanite 1Z 10.45ct
Rose-Cut Pear 19P 2.21ct
Yellow Diamond 12YD 1.02ct
Round Diamond 68D 0.37ct
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#Gemstone Jewellery  


Supplier Bally Jewelry Co Ltd

Formerly known as "Baigong Metal Casting", Belly Jewelry was founded by the two founders. It was officially established in 1999 as "Belly Jewelry Co. Ltd." and engaged in various gold and diamond jewelry such as diamonds, colored stones, pearls and jades. Design, combined with accumulated casting experience for many years, began the OEM design, processing and manufacturing, wholesale and sales, etc., so far access to all areas of North, Central and South in Taiwan. Based on years of experience, the design concept is closer to the market, and it is designed with enthusiasm and sincerity to satisfy the entrusted design of buyers, peers or collectors. In the past two decades, we have adhered to the principle of good faith and insisted on quality.

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