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Using White Diamonds in 18K White Gold and Black Rhodium

#Diamond Jewellery  


Supplier Christelle Ltd

Christelle Ltd., formerly known as Wee Soon Ltd., specializes in the design and creation of diamond, pearl, and colored stone fine jewelry in line with the latest trends. With a vertically integrated manufacturing facility and over 40 years of experience in the Asia Pacific and Americas, we provide a seamless experience in the curation, design, and creation of their own jewelry lines whilst ensuring competitive pricing and a 100% copyright guarantee not to use, produce, sell nor disclose original designs by our customers.

Each piece delivered to our customers should be no less than perfect and we reflect this in our meticulous quality control procedures at every step of our production process. We guarantee the disclosure of any treatments to raw materials used and assure that each of our diamonds are of natural origin from non-conflict zones and do not contain any HPHT or CVD synthetics.

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