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Unforgettable Canary

A diamond that exhibits such magnitude of color as to be categorized as "canary yellow" is of exceptional rarity. Weighing an impressive 37 carats, this emerald-cut stone sparkles within our masterpieces collection for its incomparable beauty. Likely considered the most desirable shade for any fancy colored yellow diamond, the stone is designed in a simple and traditional style with its supporting white trapeze diamond accents. This captivating creation is an expression of our admiration and passion for extraordinary gemstones.

#Diamond Jewellery  


Supplier Dehres

The House of Dehres is an internationally acclaimed enterprise, renowned in the world of diamonds and precious gems.

The family-owned and operated firm is dedicated to adding value to its diversified loose diamonds by incorporating them into distinctive jewelry pieces.

Scoured from across the globe, each and every stone is carefully selected, then cut, polished and designed into our state-of-the-art facilities located in Hong Kong, New York and Tel Aviv.

Our extensive assortment includes unique masterpieces, classic and contemporary creations and one-of-a-kind bespoke designs.

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