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The Century

The collection with symmetrical and simple orderly pattern design.

#Diamond Jewellery  


Supplier EJI

Founded in 1991 as design and manufacture workshop, it was not too long before EJI bringing itself toward international by re-forming to Elegance Jewellery International Limited. Since 2005, EJI was branded symbolizing its commitment in providing the most unique and mature products for different market segments.

EJI formed by a group of enthusiasts to achieve their passions and beliefs with recognized qualities and innovative designs in the industry; bridging the company spirits to satisfy customers’ needs in ever-changing business environment. Customers’ trust is the best award and most valued success for the company, encouraging EJI continues to create the most admirable jewellery that inspired by the company spirit.

EJI honoured 2010 Best SME’s Award

Company Showroom

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