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Metakaku Tahitian Black Pearl

Source: French Polynesia Type: Tahitian Pearl Shape: Rounded Size: 12.5-13mm Colour: Green Hue Metal Fineness: 18K White Gold Diamonds: 10 diamonds weighted 0.48ct in total HEX: 3015 2A86 284E 2000 0000 0010H DEC: 489 1018 800005 – 16

#Pearl Jewellery  


Supplier Fukui Shell Nucleus Factory

Fukui Shell Nucleus Factory is a manufacturer and supplier of pearl nuclei since 1990. Our techniques are originated from the Japanese manufacturing method, and we continued to build on the production techniques and technologies.

Our clients include the largest and the best pearl cultivators in the world, covering countries from Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, French Polynesia, Mexico, Myanmar, Japan, and China.

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