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Bridal Engagement and Wedding Rings

Jewelmer Bridal Engagement and Wedding Rings

#Diamond Jewellery  


Supplier Jewelmer Joaillerie

Since its inception in 1979, Jewelmer, a company founded by a French perliculture specialist and a Filipino entrepreneur, has been engaged in South Sea pearl farming with the vision of creating the most lustrous pearls in the world. 30 years later, Jewelmer continues to be the leading producer of exquisite and rare golden Palawan South Sea pearls and an active participant of international trade fairs as the prominent supplier of Palawan South Sea pearls in the world market.

The company also prides itself in being the only pearl farm company that designs and manufactures fine pearl jewelry, which is a perfect blend of European and Asian artistry and craftsmanship.

Jewelmer operates fine pearl jewelry retail boutiques located in five-star hotels and high-end commercial malls in the Philippines and has trade and retail presence in Dubai, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Paris.

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