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Peridot & Green Topaz Silver Ring

For those who love to wear a variety of gemstones, the Green Topaz is splendid add to the collection, as it is one of the rare green gemstones.

Ring Size: US (7) ~ (Other ring sizes available on made to order basis) 

The total stone weight of the ring is 44 carats.

Our co-founder is fond of hiking, led her to create a collection that is truly dedicated to our intriguing nature. Her aspiration was to bring the true beauty of our environment and reflect it into her designs.

The ring is made out of silver with white-gold plating.

*Different gold plating options available (Rose or Yellow Gold)

#Silver Jewellery  


Supplier Kowloon Trading Co

Kowloon Trading Company, also known as KTC, is a leading importer and exporter of diamond, precious and semi-precious stones. Acting as a wholesaler and retailer in numerous cuts and sizes of diamonds, the company possesses a successful history in trading of emerald, ruby, and sapphire as well. Since the past decade, Kowloon Trading Company also offers a variety of natural semi-precious stones and fancy cuts. 

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