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Tahitian Pearl Bangle and Ring with Diamonds and Sapphires

Right: 18KB Tahitian Pearl Bangle with black diamond & fancy sapphire
Left: 18KBW Tahitian Pearl Ring with Sapphire

#Pearl Jewellery  


Supplier Rio Pearl

Established in 1983, Rio Pearl wholesales, manufactures and exports loose pearls and pearl jewellery. She is famed of importing loose pearls from pearl farms directly and supplying top quality pearl and pearl jewellery with top quality design and craftsmanship. Special Highlights in recent years:

•Sponsored Pearl Jewelry to “Sisters of Pearl”, a TV drama

•Sponsored Pearl Jewelry to celebrities during various events

•Remarkable performance in international jewellery design awards

–Hanging Moon (a brooch):Best of Show Award of the 11th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition; Distinction Award of International Jewellery Design Excellence 2011

–Melting Snowball (a ring) : 1st place in the pearl jewellery over US$5,000 category of 2010 JCK Jewelers Choice Award; Distinction Award of International Jewellery Design Excellence 2011

–Sun, Dew & Earth (a brooch) :Merit Award of the 12th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition

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