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Diamond Bands

We have a full range of diamond bands/wedding bands which are available in full eternity, half eternity & 2/3rd eternity versions.
Color: White
Size: All
Inspection: NGTC & GIA If requested
Payment: Dependant on Agreement
MOQ: Dependant on Agreement
Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks
Market: Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan Open On Discussing Other Markets

#Diamond Jewellery  


Supplier Rosy Blue Hong Kong Limited

As one of the premier DTC sightholders, Rosy Blue Group occupies a dominant position in the diamond and jewellery industry.
Equipped with the latest manufacturing facilities in major manufacturing centers worldwide, Rosy Blue is able to offer a wide range of polished diamonds in large quantities at competitive prices with consistent assortments.
Rosy Blue carries an expensive product range including makeable and sawn diamonds in all sizes, colours, cuts and qualities. Building on our diamond strength, we go one step further to provide finished jewellery products worldwide. We maintain a close dialogue with our customers to create products that meet their tastes and preferences.

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