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Eliyahu Yona Diamonds Ltd
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Who We Are

Eliyahu Yona Diamonds Ltd, one of the oldest and longest established firms in the Israel Diamond Exchange, is a highly experienced company with a great deal of expertise in diamond polishing and trading.

The company was founded by owner Eliyahu Yona who has been involved in the diamond industry for 55 years.

He started out as a manufacturer of small goods, including fancy shapes. For the last 10 years, the company has been manufacturing large diamonds in Israel, both rounds and fancy shapes in white and fancy colors. The company's vast experience and knowledge of the global diamond industry's requirements and changing trends enables us to manufacture exclusive, high-end diamonds from 1 to 30 carats.

For the last five years, the company has been highly focusing on the Far Eastern market, and in 2011 the company opened its first office in Hong Kong. In addition, we service the U.S. and European markets, and provide high-quality gems anywhere in the world.

Doing Business With Us

At Eliyahu Yona, our target is always to provide the highest level of service to our clients, both our long-established customers and new ones. We provide complete confidentiality and loyalty to customers in the knowledge that this will ensure that you will want to return to do business with us again and again.

When you buy from Eliyahu Yona, you have an assurance of total reliability and loyalty, and consistently high service.

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