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Company Showroom

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Emerald 18 Ltd
Major Field of Business
Manufacturer/Supplier - Gemstones
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Below 100
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Who We Are

Emerald 18 Ltd. was formed in 2018 in response to the jewelry and luxury market's growing demand for standard-sized, high-quality round and sharp-edged emeralds of precise proportions. Emerald 18 Ltd is the joint, cooperative platform of Hargem Ltd. and H. Stark & Co.Ltd., two of Israel's leading colored gemstone manufacturers and traders that have been operating since the late 1960s.
Emerald 18's core business is the production and marketing of meticulously prepared assortments of high quality, African-sourced emeralds, in a variety of shapes, sizes, weight and categories.
The firm's assortments, or lots, are composed of stones in sizes ranging from 1.75 mm to 4.00 mm, with sizes supplied in increments of 0.25 mm (i.e. 1.75-2.00-2.25 mm etc.). Each lot is composed of stones
of- always–consistent and uniform dimensions, color, height and brilliancy. In addition, Emerald 18 has also gained fame with its production of micro-cut round emeralds for micro settings, ranging in sizes from 0.90 mm to 1.70mm, with a 0.05 mm tolerance.
Stone setters love working with our "Quality Cut" emeralds. They experience almost no breakage and therefore can utilize the entire lot bought. That makes a significant difference in the final cost of a set piece.
In practice, our "Quality Cut" emerald production methods can be likened to those of the diamond specialists who supply precision cut, small diamonds to the luxury industry.
Effectively, the employment of our in-house Sarine Technologies girdling robot and other proprietary decision-making software and instruments also result in stones that weigh significantly less, often 25 percent less than traditionally cut stones of similar sizes, thus making Emerald 18's stones highly economical and affordable.
For more information, please contact us at:
[email protected]

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