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Company Showroom

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Venus Jewel
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Manufacturer/Supplier - Diamonds
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1000 and above
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Who We Are

In 1969, brothers Ramniklal and Sevantilal Shah, with a vision to introduce better business practices and standards in the diamond industry, established Venus Jewel based on an ethical and transparent approach across every aspect of their business. As the company progressed to manufacturing large sizes, we realized that the existing grading standards were inadequate and broad, lacked precision, and hence did not result in justified and rational evaluation of diamonds.

Undertaking rigorous research and development resulted in the launch of our in-house developed Venus Grading System® (VGS®), which soon thereafter became recognized as a benchmark of trust in both, detailed product definition and accuracy. The level of confidence and transparency it offers is now evidenced by the significant level of internet sales through our empowering website

Our ever more exacting standards remain driven by the ethical values carried forward by Anil, Rajesh and Hitesh Shah, the second generation of the family, who continue to further enhance the technical standards of our manufacturing and grading; linking them to our customers’ needs and expectations to empower and better service their clients further downstream. Our goal is to excite our customers with a view to improving their diamond buying experience in every possible way.

Transparency, credibility and honesty remain the driving force behind our technical expertise, innovation and marketing with the simple mission to be the best in whatever we do.

Our core expertise lies in precision manufacturing premium Rounds, Straight Edged Fancies and Curved Edged Fancies of exceptional Symmetry and Polish;
- In sizes from 0.50 to +25.00 cts
- D to L colors
- FL to I1 clarities

Recognized as one of the world's leading and most trusted solitaire manufacturers, we enjoy the privilege of direct rough diamond supply from globally reputed mining companies, such as De Beers, ALROSA, Rio Tinto Diamonds, Dominion Diamond Corporation and other mining companies. Such direct relationships have allowed us to also become authorized suppliers under the Forevermark™, Mine-of-Origin, and CANADAMARKTM diamond branding programs.

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Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

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