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3D Holographic diamond view

3D Holographic diamond view

#Natural (White)  


Supplier Venus Jewel

Driven to create an entirely new type of diamond polishing company, its people and the beauty of each stone placed in its trust, brothers Sevantilal and Ramniklal Shah founded Venus Jewel in 1969.

We produce more than 15% of the global footprint of +1Carat gem quality diamonds, those of Flawless – VVS2 clarity and D-F colors. Our overall production range is more diverse, spanning Rounds and Fancy shaped solitaires from: 

0.50 to +20.00 Carats

D to M Colors / Fancy colors

FL to I2 Clarities 

Receiving direct rough supply from mining companies including De Beers, ALROSA, Rio Tinto and Dominion Diamond Corporation we are the official suppliers under the Forevermark, Mine of Origin and CanadaMark diamond branding programs.. 

The various unique services we provide are on our website are:

Venus Grading System® (VGS®)

Venus Grading Report (VGR)

Know Your Diamond (KYD)

Preferred Diamond Selection (PDS)

Look & Bid (L&B)

Venus Diamond Layouts (VDL)

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