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  • 3D DLP LCD SLA Printer Castable Resin

    3D DLP LCD SLA Printer UV Resin 405nm 1.Finest details with low odor. 2.Casting easily and 100% no ash. 3.Low volume shrinkage property. 4.Suitable for most DLP 3D printers. 5.Fine flexibility, no crack after curing. 6.Exclusive customized logo available.


  • 3D Printer Jewelry Castable Resin

    3D Printer Liquid Photosensitive UV Resin 405nm For Dental And Jewelry 1. Special design for dental. 2. High precision, smooth surface 3. High hardness, resistant to shock. 4. Great casting performance, ash free. 5. Low volume shrinkage to 1.88%-2.45%. 6. Compatible to most DLP with LED UV.


  • YASUI Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine K2 NEXT

    1.OXY-Free Aftermode---No metal leakage is necessary especially for Stone set flask. It is obliged to insert flask after metal is melted. Yasui Aftermode provides MINIMUM insert gas consumption to avoid oxidation with enough experience through our highest model VPC KT18 since 2006. 2. De-Gas(Patent Allowed)--- Exhaust Gas from metal contacted Investment for Dense Casting. 3.E-Touch---Full set parameters in Memory with Comments. 4.Variable Heat--- Heat output control to minimized alloy evaporation


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