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  • Mikimoto sustains top market position

    Mikimoto’s epic rise to prominence was largely due to founder Kokichi Mikimoto’s love for and devotion to pearls. At present, Mikimoto retains its reputation as a symbol of quality and craftsmanship in the pearl jewellery sector.

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  • Paragons of beauty

    Pearls are the stars of these fine jewellery pieces that demonstrate superior product quality as well as exquisite craftsmanship. These pearl-centric pieces likewise highlight a woman’s natural beauty while celebratingdesign and innovation.

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  • Jewelmer’s 40 golden years

    Celebrating four decades of unequivocal strength in the golden South Sea pearl sector, Jewelmer is ushering in a new era of growth – one that is built upon sustainability, innovation and unparalleled artistry.

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  • Bold & Beautiful: Emerging silver jewellery trends

    In a recent trend report, the Silver Promotion Service (SPS) called for an end to minimalism, noting that colour, size and quantity are taking centre stage in the silver jewellery world.

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  • Celebrating the Dongba culture

    Cultural elements have always been integral to jewellery design inspirations. For instance, the celebrated Dongba culture is deeply embedded in silver jewellery brand Dong’s’ one-of-a-kind creations. Company General Manager Liu Wei explains how Dongba’s rich religious and ethnic heritage are incorporated into Dong’s enigmatic style.

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  • KGK offers design internships and business opportunities

    KGK Group, sponsor of the JNA Conference: “From Inspiration to Innovation – The Designer’s Journey of Creativity” on September 19, 2019, is reaffirming its commitment to nurturing design talents for the long-term development of the international jewellery industry.

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  • Embrace the hoop earrings trend

    Timelessly in fashion, hoop earrings have maintained their place as staples in one’s wardrobe. Life isn’t a muted black and white film so let’s leap into a vibrant world of colour with these refreshed classics.

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  • The quintessential appeal of amber

    Polish designer Dorota Cenecka invites connoisseurs and traders alike to her exquisite world of sterling silver jewellery pieces with the beloved amber as the centrepiece.

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  • Glimmering prospects for children’s jewellery

    The children’s jewellery market is poised for further growth, thanks to rising consumer interest, according to Thai silver jewellery manufacturer Pavee Jewelry Co Ltd.

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  • Shiny future for silver jewellery

    Production and sales of silver jewellery are on the rise. Thanks to their versatility and competitive prices, silver jewellery pieces are deemed as the perfect choice for female self-purchasers.

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  • Global silver demand up in 2018

    Global silver demand was up 4 percent in 2018, fueled by investments and rising jewellery and silverware offtake, according to the World Silver Survey 2019.

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  • Exude youthful vitality with silver jewellery

    Chinese jewellery designer Sissi Li is keeping her artistic pursuits alive by putting up a local silver jewellery brand with an international perspective.

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  • Regal Jewelry: Masters of the craft

    For over three decades, Regal Jewelry Manufacturer Co Ltd has built a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality jewellery pieces in classic and fashion-forward designs. Amid immense market competition and new challenges, the Thailand-based manufacturer is equipped with the creativity, knowledge and technical know-how crucial to satisfying the needs of today’s customers. Iris Lin, the company’s vice president, shares with SILVERSTYLES Regal Jewelry’s unique qualities as well as her views on latest market developments.

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  • Japanese manufacturer’s innovative bridal jewellery

    Abe Jewelry Co Ltd takes pride in its ability to adapt to the market’s ever-evolving needs. With modern consumers now looking for lighter, slimmer rings, the company is once again stepping up by offering bridal jewellery pieces in progressive, contemporary designs.

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  • Bulgari's cinematic allure

    Luxury jeweller Bulgari melds the enthralling world of movies with the sparkle of high jewellery in its latest Cinemagia Collection. In this selection of opulent masterpieces, Bulgari pays homage to beloved fantasies and cinematic pursuits through gem-studded rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Dazzling diamonds juxtaposed with coloured gemstones in extravagant designs bring to mind the glitz and glamour of the silver screen.

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  • The timeless glam of Chia Ta Jewellery

    The impeccable imperial jadeite, and sapphires and blue chalcedony stones of exceptional quality are just some of the highlights of Chia Ta Jewellery's latest collection. The jewels exude a unique charisma that lures traders and collectors from around the globe.

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