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DewCarat’s universe of sophistication

17 May 2018

Sapphire ring in 18-karat gold

Sapphire and diamond ring in 18-karat gold

Emerald ring in 18-karat gold

Sapphire bangle

Rene Ruiz (Humberto Vidal /

Necklace adorned with tanzanite stones and diamonds

18-karat gold ring with a South Sea pearl centre gem and ruby

Diamond ring with a tanzanite centre stone

Diamond brooch with a South Sea pearl centre stone

South Sea pearl and sapphire ring


Jewellery designs that meld contemporary concepts with a classic touch inject elegance to any outfit. Hong Kong jeweller DewCarat Ltd presents a rich palette of blues, reds and greens interspersed with the brilliance of diamonds and the subtle perfection of pearls in this stunning selection of fine jewels.


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