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Classic meets contemporary: Italy’s RISING jewellery trends

1 October 2018








With unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to precision and quality, Italian jewellers are known to produce refined collections with a universal and enduring appeal. In this feature, TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting examines key emerging trends in Italy’s fine jewellery scene that are seen to filter through to the global sector.

Independent trend forecasting research firm TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting has identified six design trends in Italy that are permeating the world market. In this report, TRENDVISION delves into directional design themes for 2018 and 2019 through the analysis of trends and consumer behaviours that were prevalent at Vicenzaoro.

According to the forecaster, diamonds and coloured gemstones figured extensively in jewellery pieces to create dazzling surfaces and silhouettes. Designs were highly influenced by nature but some aesthetic aspects were inspired by abstract concepts as well.

“A sense of old world charm melds seamlessly with modern designs with the clever use of gold and pearls. Subdued designs with a modern edge are taking precedence in 2018 and 2019,” revealed TRENDVISION.


Mimicking constellations in the sky, small diamond clusters are used to give the jewellery piece a “crusty surface” effect. At times paired with pearls, the pieces emanate an innovative and contemporary appeal.

This design concept also recreates other abstract shapes such as fireworks, laces or lines. Designers conceptualise connected diamond silhouettes and surfaces that sparkle with brilliance.

Silhouettes: Cluster or chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, necklaces

Aesthetics: Celestial, modern, decorative

Materials: Diamonds, white and rose gold, pearls


Museums and history books inspire designers to bring back an old world charm with a modern reinterpretation. Cameos, pearls and pavé-set gemstones radiate a vintage ambiance while irregular elements give the pieces a more fashionable touch. Designers merge historical references with innovative silhouettes to come up with one-of-a-kind pieces.

Jewellery pieces under this design theme can be likened to souvenirs – objects that bring to mind a memory of another place and time. Cultural elements from all over the world likewise inspired designers to use several motifs such as scarabs, paisley patterns, the Eye of Horus and historical buildings.

Silhouettes: Open bracelets, bangle cuffs, rings, beaded necklaces

Aesthetics: Vintage, historic, baroque

Materials: Gold, baroque pearls, opals



Technology and tech-inspired trends resonate with today’s consumers. Geometrical inspirations coupled with CAD/CAM and 3D-printing technology translate into three-dimensional jewellery pieces with overlapping, connected components.

Architecture meanwhile inspires the use of “open” elements resulting in lightweight, three-dimensional pieces that bring out the unique beauty of gemstones. Silhouettes are simple while a more rigid, urban and edgier look is applied to earrings and bracelets.

Silhouettes: Chunky rings, broad cuffs, necklaces

Aesthetics: Edgy, contemporary, linear, futuristic

Materials: White, yellow and rose gold; diamonds



Monochromatic and versatile, black and white patterns have an enduring appeal. This enigmatic duo adds drama and a youthful vibe to the jewellery piece.

Interpreted in bold silhouettes, black and white are tantamount to modern sophistication.

Thin, linear cutouts and structures create pinstripe effects as seen on international runways. 3D-printing technology provides designers with the ability to create very precise and symmetrical patterns as well as lightweight items. The results are unconventional, edgy jewellery pieces.

Silhouettes: Cocktail rings, broad cuffs, assembled bracelets

Aesthetics: Classic, bold, dramatic

Materials: White gold, black rhodium, platinum, enamel


Flora and fauna are the central themes in this design trend. Designers translate elements of nature to jewellery pieces with pavéd surfaces of coloured gemstones and diamonds. Each piece becomes a glittering replica of nature’s exotic beauty.

Every piece is a high-end representation of motifs like flowers and leaves with sparkling surfaces. Coloured gemstones are set in high polish to maximise the brilliance. The pieces are anything but simple.

Silhouettes: Cocktail rings, pendants, cuffs, chokers

Aesthetics: Dramatic, exotic, surreal

Materials: Rose and yellow gold, coloured gemstones



Headed by Director and Founder Paola De Luca, TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting is VICENZAORO’s independent trend forecasting research observatory specialising in the jewellery, watch, diamond and luxury sectors. This think tank methodically researches and tracks socio-cultural trends and connections in the jewellery and luxury industries while decoding consumer attitudes, and disseminating information and analysis.


Light opulent colours lend high jewellery pieces a fresh look. Graduated ombre and complementary shades and unexpected colour combinations transform jewellery items into fantasy pieces imbued with an otherworldly charm.

Extensive use of stones such as opals with airy silhouettes that allow maximum light to pass through create bright yet muted effects. Pinks, purples and blues surrounded by delicate details figure a lot in this design trend.

Silhouettes: Cocktail rings, hoops, long earrings, bangles

Aesthetics: Whimsical, colourful, light

Materials: Exotic gems, yellow and rose gold