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Blue Lagoon

2 November 2018

‘Butterfly Lovers’ pendant with white and blue diamonds from the Eternal Collection of Magerit

Paraiba tourmaline necklace by Lee Jewelley (HK) Ltd

Ring by Vda Jewellery Ltd

Diamond ring with sapphires by Picchiotti Srl

Ring by Aria Jewelry

Tanzanite earrings adorned with diamonds by AG Color

Coloured gemstone rings by FerrariFirenze

Blue topaz necklace and earrings with diamonds in 18-karat gold by Pranda Group


Giorgio Armani


Vast blue oceans and their sense of depth and mystery are evoked by these masterpieces that feature the finest blue gemstones. From sapphires, tanzanites and aquamarines to blue topaz stones, Paraiba tourmalines and blue diamonds, nature’s many shades of the hue traverse the gamut of sentiments – at once calm and collected, regal and confident, and dynamic and invigorating.