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Poetry in motion

12 December 2018

Earrings in 18-karat gold with enamel, sapphires, tanzanite and amethyst stones; rubies, garnets, tourmalines and citrines

White suit by ANIRAC

18-karat gold earrings and pendant

Ring in 18-karat gold with a diamond and a topaz stone

Dress by COS

Earrings in 18-karat gold with sapphires and moonstones

‘Poisson’ brooches in 18-karat gold with diamonds and fancy sapphires

Dress by COS

Earrings in 18-karat white and black gold with diamonds and rubellites

Pendant in 18-karat gold with apatites, fancy sapphires and diamonds

Dress by COS


Enter a whole new realm of existence with French jeweller Lydia Courteille’s celebrated collections. Majestic in form, the fine jewellery pieces tell stories of love, history and folklore with audacious colour combinations and flamboyant strokes. The pieces are embellished with the rarest coloured gems and diamonds, perhaps in allusion to Courteille’s one-of-a-kind imagination.



Art Direction & Styling: Irene Foo

Styling Assistant: Tingo Ko

Jewellery: Lydia Courteille

Model: Orsoya S @ Model Genesis

Make Up: Chi Nip

Hair: Po Lam @ Hair Peace

Photography: Kim Ham