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The colour of elegance

24 April 2019

By Bernardette Sto. Domingo   

Italian fine jeweller Pomellato alludes to unequivocal synergy among colour, innovation and design as the cornerstone of the brand.

Necklaces from the M’ama Non M’ama Collection

Earrings from the Nudo Collection

Bangles from the M’ama Non M’ama Collection

Iconica band rings

Sabbia choker and bangles


Vicenzo Castaldo, creative director of Pomellato


The palpable yet tamed sophistication of every Pomellato jewellery piece lends further credence to Italy’s reputation as one of the world’s most prolific jewellery capitals.

Vicenzo Castaldo, the brand’s creative director, pointed to three crucial elements that set Pomellato apart from its competitors – colour, craftsmanship and innovation. These fundamentals make every design highly recognisable, from small rings to larger, statement pieces.

The company uses an eclectic variety of coloured gemstones including London and sky blue topaz; red tourmaline; prasiolite; amethyst; smoky and lemon quartz; and white and grey moonstones. A few capsule collections meanwhile highlight rare stones such as red and pink tourmaline, iolite, tanzanite, and morganite.

According to the designer, some pieces are further adorned with white or brown diamonds.

Sensual lines and shapes also figure a lot in Pomellato’s creations while functional elements such as prongs or clasps are likewise embellished to contribute to the jewellery’s overall aesthetic appeal.

“We love roundness and softness in our designs; there are no rigid edges. Even the smallest pieces feature perfect, tiny cabochons,” disclosed Castaldo. “We also transform technical elements into something beautiful and decorative.”

Creative process

With designs that are deliberately more “feminine, sensual and assertive,” Pomellato looks to nature and the arts for inspiration. There is however no single, repeatable formula when it comes to conceptualising a jewellery piece.

The process is uncomplicated, noted the designer. “Inspiration is everywhere – a stone’s cut, a beautiful flower, the lines on a leaf or a painting rich in decorative elements,” explained Castaldo.

The brand’s signature collection, Nudo, embodies Pomellato’s vision and concept of jewellery. Pieces from this collection can be worn daily or mixed and matched to create different styles. Another exceptional characteristic of this collection is a proprietary cut that makes the stone’s colour deeper and more vivid. Castaldo described it as a reinterpretation of the solitaire style that is more design-centric and unconventional.

The Pomellato woman

Despite the brand’s broad customer base, Castaldo refuses to put women in a box by defining their individual preferences. “The woman who chooses our jewellery is self-confident and buys jewellery for herself. She has a very relaxed approach to jewellery – it’s not something that a husband has to buy for her and keep in a safe,” he noted. “This woman exists in New York, Hong Kong, Paris or Milan. It’s not about culture; it’s a mindset,” he noted.