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The visionary spirit of Chia Ta Jewellery

18 September 2019

By Christie Dang   

Taiwan-based Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd is renowned for its exceptional creations, adorned with the rare imperial jadeite and other coloured gemstones. Behind its success is owner Yu Chung-ta whose expertise and business acumen helped the company weather difficulties and reach new heights.

Founder and president of Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd, Yu Chung-ta


With the global economy entering a “new normal,” the jewellery industry is likewise experiencing tremendous changes, revealed Yu Chung-ta, founder and president of Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd. The outlook however remains bright for the ever-resilient jewellery market, he added.

Yu, who has more than three decades of industry experience, said jewellers should not lose sight of their vision and must continuously uphold a high standard of quality for products and services. Despite challenges, growth remains attainable as long as companies keep track of the latest trends and make the right decisions at the right time, he continued.

Scouting for rare gemstones from around the world has always been Yu’s passion and mission. In turn, providing top-of-the-line jewels is Chia Ta Jewellery’s ultimate priority.

Established in 1985, Chia Ta Jewellery now has boutiques throughout the Greater China region. Yu has offices in Beijing, Dalian, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan, where Chia Ta Jewellery’s exquisite collections are on display. These masterpieces delight collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.

Yu explained that demand is always strong for natural, top-quality gemstones as these are hard to come by. “The global economic downturn and the volatility of stock markets around the world have had an impact on the jewellery industry. But rare gemstones and jewels keep fetching record prices at auctions worldwide, indicating that high-end jewellery continues to thrive despite economic uncertainties,” he said.

The Great Eagle

Chia Ta Jewellery is renowned for its vast jadeite jewellery collection. Yu enjoys creating unique and fashionable designs with a wide selection of precious gems. Inspired by the image and magnificent stature of the eagle, Yu recently created the Great Eagle Collection featuring excellent-grade jadeite cabochons and diamonds. “The eagle has long been associated with great strength, leadership and vision. As the world economy and the jewellery market enter a new era, we need a new vision and strength to stay ahead of the game,” Yu said.

Refined style

Yu believes in the importance of nurturing a new generation of consumers to sustain growth in the industry. “I pay a lot of attention to creating interesting and fashionable designs with the gems I collect from different sources. A fine design does not only attract consumers with varying tastes, it also brings out the best qualities of a gem and increases its value tremendously,” remarked Yu.