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Jewelmer’s 40 golden years

5 November 2019

By Bernardette Sto. Domingo   

Celebrating four decades of unequivocal strength in the golden South Sea pearl sector, Jewelmer is ushering in a new era of growth – one that is built upon sustainability, innovation and unparalleled artistry.

Champagne earrings with golden South Sea pearls and diamonds

L’ete En Ville golden South Sea pearl and diamond ring

Les Classiques bangle

Les Classiques pendant


Jewelmer's pioneering business strategies over the years have elevated the resplendent golden South Sea pearl on a global pedestal. The success of Jewelmer in the pearl and jewellery sector also simultaneously brought the Philippines – thehome of the golden pearl – to the international stage.

As the company celebrates its 40th year in the industry, Jacques Christophe Branellec, executive vice president and deputy CEO of Jewelmer, reinforced the pearl specialist's vision to uphold its Filipino legacy while fostering sustainable and innovative growth.

“Hand in hand with Jewelmer's rise in terms of excellence, market reach and jewellery collections, we also want to bring the Philippines up with us,” remarked Branellec. “We are very proud of our heritage.”

Era of evolution

Further solidifying Jewelmer's leading position in the golden South Sea pearl sector are various developments including a new brand identity; the establishment of a flagship store in Palm Beach, Florida; strengthening of sustainability projects; and adding coloured gemstones to its collections, among others.

With the rebranding came a new logo, featuring a golden J framed by an octagon as an ode to pearl farms. The lines enveloping the J represent a “harmonious synergy” flowing through the farms, according to the company. The logo also pays homage to the Pinctada maxima oyster, which produces the golden South Sea pearl.

The tail of the J slowly transitions into the shape of a pearl, echoing the gem's formation.

In the months leading up to its 40th anniversary celebration, Jewelmer marked another milestone when it opened its flagship store in Palm Beach, Florida in November 2018. This further fuelled the company's vision to showcase the rarest pearls and the craftsmanship behind Jewelmer's exceptional pearl jewellery pieces. The market's response has been extremely positive, disclosed Branellec.

On the sustainability front, Jewelmer's Save Palawan Seas Foundation continues to fortify alternative livelihood projects for coastal communities such as organic vegetable farming and chicken rearing. The foundation is now implementing sustainable aquaculture, which means raising sustainable seafood such as shrimps and fish that can cohabitate with oysters. The seafood in turn can also be a source of income and food for local communities.

“We have to make sure to minimise our impact on the local environment. It's always been intrinsic in pearl farming to protect the environment so pearl farms today are safeguarding thousands of hectares of marine protected areas,” explained Branellec. “Generally speaking, pearl farms run sustainably and have a positive impact, not just on the ocean, but on land as well.”

Jewelmer likewise lifted the veil on its latest fine jewellery collections, including a curated selection of jewellery pieces adorned with golden pearls interspersed with diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Dazzling future

Demand for golden South Sea pearls, owing to their distinctive intense colour and enigmatic appeal, remains solid.

According to Branellec, Jewelmer will continue to focus on its core strengths moving forward while giving emphasis on new initiatives. For instance, the US boutique could pave the way for its goal to be a “fine art gallery for pearls,” noted the company official.

In the fine jewellery arena, Jewelmer's decision to add more colour to its collections is just the start of a more expansive design revolution.

“We've been known for our pavé jewellery but we're also going to be working with bigger stones. We're still continuing with the same design inspiration but with a few adjustments in the materials. As always, the golden pearl will be the centrepiece,” revealed Branellec. “We're moving to the high jewellery segment and making sure that we represent the best of what the South Sea pearl industry can show.”