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Inspired Creations

25 January 2018

Inspired Creations

Inspired Creations

Inspired Creations

Inspired Creations

Inspired Creations


By Christie Dang


Taiwanese jewellery designer Rachel Wen established her jewellery brand Chara Wen about 15 years ago as homage to an infinite love for her daughter. Through her jewellery, Wen channels love and blessings to the people around her; her creations exuding joy and the beauty of life.

JNA: Why did you choose Chara Wen as the name of your brand?

Rachel Wen: It all started with the concept of the gift of love. Creating jewellery delights me, and the love of beauty is deeply embedded in my heart. “Chara” means joy, and “Wen” is my name. One way of expressing my wholehearted love for my daughter is by designing bespoke jewellery pieces. I wish that she could pass on this happiness and appreciation for life to everyone around her.

JNA: What makes a Chara Wen jewellery piece unique?

Wen: Each piece of jewellery under my brand carries a heart-shaped ruby. Heart represents all good things, and red is the symbol of love. A passionate heart is the best gift one can bestow on their families, lovers and friends. Every time we present a piece of jewellery to our customers, we also include with it a sincere offering of love and gratitude from our hearts.

JNA: How did you start your journey in the creative world?

Wen: My daughter has been a constant source of inspiration and bliss for me. I decided to design jewellery to immortalise that joy and to share with the world the overwhelming love I have for my daughter.

I have always been fond of all things beautiful, trendy and fashionable. I was always on the lookout for jewellery pieces that suit me but I never found anything that could fulfil my need so I decided to create my own. I took up gemmological courses and jewellery design classes at the Gemological Institute of America in Taiwan. I eventually found my niche and developed my own style in designing jewellery.

JNA: Personalised designs are becoming popular. Do you see greater business opportunities because of this?

Wen: Yes. In fact, this is in line with my philosophy of creating something exceptional to truly represent an individual. All women are beautiful in their own right; a woman should own jewellery pieces that demonstrate her unique personality, taste, vision and style. For this reason, almost all Chara Wen designs are one-off because each woman is different.

My customers are from all over the world – Europe, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan. I hope to reach out to more women in other countries and regions.

JNA: Tell us more about the four collections under your brand.

Wen: Gift of Love, which is the signature collection of Chara Wen, is the foundation of our brand. Ribbons are the prominent feature of this collection. The Classic Collection, meanwhile, is inspired by the Art Deco era. Elegant and artistic designs are the key elements of the collection but we added a modern touch to showcase the timeless allure of my designs.

The Earth Collection, for its part, pays tribute to the grandeur of nature. I think all jewellery brands should carry such a theme one way or another. Natural materials are featured in this collection to celebrate the majestic beauty of Mother Earth. Last but not the least, the Fashion Muse collection includes trendy pieces that resonate with my inner fashionista. This is a collection of pieces that simulate the look and feel of fashion design elements like ruffles and feathers. This is my way of actualising my childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer.