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  • Queen Colours

    With diamonds taking on a more traditional role in the world of fine jewellery, coloured gemstones – stunning and captivating in their own right – are injecting more zest and fire into jewellery designs. Dewcarat Ltd is leading a colourful design revolution that places rubies, emeralds, sapphires as well as peridots, natural turquoise and tanzanite stones, among other vibrant gems, into the limelight.

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  • Conch pearls: Pink and phenomenal

    The colour pink is a clear-cut allusion to things delicate and sweet. In the gemstone universe, only a handful of natural stones come to mind as impeccable illustrations of all that pink stands for – tempered, pure, ultra-feminine – and among them is the highly coveted conch pearl.

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  • Deakin & Francis: Continuing a legacy

    Founded in 1786, Deakin & Francis is England’s oldest family-owned jewellery business. Today, the company is run by the founder’s sons – James and Henry Deakin – whose inherent talents and modern approach to business are taking the brand to new heights.

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  • Majestic Wonders

    The world of gemstones is a mysterious realm waiting to be fully unravelled. Fine-quality gems adorning equally captivating jewellery pieces offer a glimpse into a universe that is ethereal and mesmerising. Rose-red rubies, regal sapphires and lush emeralds interposed with dazzling diamonds are Mother Nature’s grandiose gifts to humanity.

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  • Tiffany unveils 2018 Blue Book Collection

    Tiffany & Co’s 2018 Blue Book Collection: The Four Seasons of Tiffany is a delightful selection of daring and innovative jewellery pieces adhering to five design themes – winter, spring, summer, autumn and colour theory. The high jewellery collection draws inspiration from flora, fauna and the architectural complexity found in nature.

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  • Diamond jewellery design revelations

    From the international fashion and art scenes to social movements and celebrity culture, diamond jeweller Forevermark has identified the influences and inspirations that it believes will shape desire for diamonds this year.

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  • Secret Garden

    Delicate pink flowers interposed with immaculate whites bring to mind the sweet scent of spring in Spanish designer Alejandro Resta’s Azalea bridal collection. Just as mesmerising are these coloured gemstone jewellery pieces that meld seamlessly with the calming beauty of azaleas.

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  • Otherworldly

    Ethereal concepts intermingle perfectly with feminine sensuality in Greek designer Stephan Caras’ latest creations. Adding another level of mystery to sheer laces and flimsy skirts are fine jewellery pieces with gemstones and dark undertones.

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  • Royal Revelries

    Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are the kings of the gemstone world. Collectively known as the Big Three, these resplendent gems have long captivated royal families and high-profile individuals as well as traders and connoisseurs. As paragons of wealth and power, and vessels of artistic expression, they are revered and celebrated for their mesmerising and enduring charm.

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    Candy-coloured reveries instantly lift one’s spirits. Paired with pastel dresses and fluffy skirts, jewellery pieces embellished with gemstones in refreshing greens, saccharine pinks and purples, and creamy yellows are the ultimate mood boosters. Sweeten your overall look with this delectable selection of coloured gemstone jewellery pieces.

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    Sensual and fiery, the colour red encapsulates a modern woman’s persona. She is strong and passionate, with a flaming desire for individuality and recognition. These fine jewellery pieces adorned with rubies and other complementing gems accentuate the blazing beauty of every woman in red.

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  • Bold imaginings

    Iranian designer Pegah Moshfeghi was drawn to the world of jewellery design when she set foot in Turkey about six years ago. With a new home and environment, she decided to turn her passion for arts and culture, as well as her background in electronics engineering, into a creative endeavour. Three years later, her brand Pegah Jewellery was born.

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  • Impeccable Pearls from the Japan Pearl Exporters' Association

    A country of vast richness, artistry and tradition, Japan is heavily promoting its expertise not only in the loose pearls sector but in pearl jewellery production as well. Lustrous, captivating pearls take centre stage in these fine jewellery pieces by Japan’s most prolific pearl jewellery manufacturers.

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  • Gold Jewellery Revolution

    Winning entries of the Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition 2018 aim to refresh the image of gold jewellery among millennial consumers by injecting zest and sparkle in the product category.

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  • Elegance of form and function

    Sarah Zhuang is making her mark with innovative and enchanting multifunctional jewellery. The young Hong Kong jewellery designer creates contemporary fine jewellery to enable modern women to shine in a fast-paced world.

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  • The Colour of Fantasies

    Colours infuse vitality and character into an otherwise mundane universe. A splash of blue or green brings to mind the splendour of nature while pink, yellow and violet reflect femininity, contentment and strength respectively. Coloured gemstones likewise instil exceptional charm into jewellery pieces.

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