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CJNA 亞洲珠寶
Issue#237, May 2018
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Forever classic
Resources from nature are everlasting treasures. Combined with elegant jewellery designs, diamonds display their extraordinary value and history – an enduring promise that transcends time.

Israel diamond industry gears up for growth
Buoyed by growing market demand, government support and innovative changes, Israel is once again affirming its international status as the global hub for large, valuable diamonds.

Blogging for business: Everything you need to know
To blog or not to blog, that’s the question. While content marketing has become increasingly more important and creative, the blogosphere could become a viable marketing strategy for jewellery industry players.

New page in Panyu’s jewellery scene
Panyu has undergone a golden era in jewellery manufacturing over the past three decades. With a drastic increase in labour costs as well as other economic developments, Panyu’s jewellery industry faces significant changes.


About CJNA 亞洲珠寶
To connect Chinese-speaking jewellery professionals with the world’s fastest-growing jewellery market. CJNA is a monthly professional magazine focusing on the needs of the Chinese-speaking players in the jewellery industry. CJNA is committed to serve the trade with our truly international editorial excellence, delivering timely, in-depth and unbiased information that is crucial in identifying business opportunities and making business decisions in the vast Greater China market.

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