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CJNA 亞洲珠寶
Issue#239, Jul 2018
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Shaping the future of the luxury industry
The global luxury goods industry remains on solid footing amid macroeconomic uncertainties. To sustain growth, however, luxury industry players need to identify right business strategies to face new challenges.
Millennials reshaping the bridal jewellery sector
Millennials and their predisposition to redefine social conventions are changing the way companies market bridal jewellery. Placing greater importance on experience and personal preference, this generation of tech-savvy, highly expressive individuals buy what they want, the way they want it – engagement rings included.
Blockchain: Digital trail of diamonds
By creating tamper-proof, permanent digital records for diamonds, blockchain technology could potentially transform the diamond industry by creating new efficiencies in the value chain and addressing consumer concerns over transparency, responsible sourcing and trust.
Nature Calling
Simple and natural styles now prevail in the jewellery industry. Natural beauty and a unique character are highlighted through different materials and designs while up-and-coming jewellery designers are returning to the basic to express themselves.


About CJNA 亞洲珠寶
To connect Chinese-speaking jewellery professionals with the world’s fastest-growing jewellery market. CJNA is a monthly professional magazine focusing on the needs of the Chinese-speaking players in the jewellery industry. CJNA is committed to serve the trade with our truly international editorial excellence, delivering timely, in-depth and unbiased information that is crucial in identifying business opportunities and making business decisions in the vast Greater China market.

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