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Issue#409, Sep 2018
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Conch pearls: Pink and phenomenal

In the gemstone universe, only a handful of natural pink stones come to mind as impeccable illustrations of all that this cherished colour stands for – tempered, pure, ultra-feminine – and among them is the highly coveted conch pearl. Hong Kong-based Conch Pearls Ltd, a major producer of top-quality conch pearls and conch pearl jewellery, is at the forefront of revolutionary changes in the sector in a bid to meet the demands of extremely discerning global buyers.

Maximising online presence for jewellery businesses

Against a highly modernised backdrop, majority of today’s jewellery retailers have yet to transition to a more active digital presence by having dynamic websites and fast, reliable e-commerce capabilities. Providing rich online content and investing in technology are the way to go forward for jewellers wanting to catch up with more influential and technologically advanced players in the fashion and luxury industries.

Challenges and identity: Synthetic vs natural diamonds

The battle lines are drawn between synthetic and natural diamonds, with neither conceding much as new developments and regulations in the trade win each side small victories instead of definitive gains. The rivalry plays out in product, price and positioning, with synthetic and mined players out to challenge the status quo.


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