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Issue#415, May 2019
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Embracing changes, facing the future

Macroeconomic uncertainties may have dampened the spirits of jewellery industry players but Kent Wong, managing director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, is taking a different stance. In a talk with JNA, Wong said he remains optimistic about prospects in the business and cited embracing market changes as the key to tackling challenges.


Mastering the art of visual merchandising

For a jewellery retailer, capturing the attention of passersby is visual merchandising. That crucial second when people see a display window determines if they would stop and look, or walk on by. What is the secret to creating captivating jewellery window displays?


Diamond dealers upbeat amid challenges

Majority of customers stopped buying for stock and are spending cautiously but diamond traders are not complaining as this dynamic change in buying behavior is bringing about new areas of growth.


The Luxury of Simplicity

Women's choice of jewellery pieces has evolved over the years but classic designs with a contemporary, upgraded look continue to redefine modern elegance. From dainty pearls to twisty, crisscross gold rings and innovative bracelets, and layered necklaces, these avant-garde jewellery pieces epitomise artistic simplicity.


About JNA亚洲珠宝
Published on a bi-monthly basis, JNA is a bilingual (English and Simplified Chinese) professional B2B magazine dedicated to delivering up-to-date market information on the jewellery industry around the world. With indepth reports about the jewellery industry, JNA provides true value that fosters synergies and yields business opportunities within the jewellery industry. Its features on design and its stylish showcases provide a glimpse of upcoming trends influencing the jewellery landscape.

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