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Myanmar’s finest gems to shine at 3rd Yangon Fair

15 October 2019

Myanmar is setting its sights on the international market as it presents a stunning selection of highly sought-after coloured gemstones at the third edition of the Yangon Fair.


World-renowned rubies, sapphires, imperial jade and South Sea pearls from Myanmar are the stars of the 3rd Yangon International Gems and Jewellery Fair, which is scheduled for January 10 to 13, 2020 at the Lotte Hotel in Yangon.

According to Myint Thet Naing, vice chairman of co-organiser Yangon Gems & Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association, other coloured gems such as spinel, peridot, aquamarine and tourmaline, as well as rare gems like poudretteite, johachidolite, painite and hibonite, will be on display for traders and collectors.

“We intend to attract global consumers who value Myanmar's long-standing reputation as a direct source of quality gems. Buyers from Japan, China, Hong Kong, the US, Thailand, Singapore, India, Vietnam and Italy usually visit our fairs,” noted Naing.

The 1st and 2nd Yangon International Gems and Jewellery Fairs, held in in 2018 and 2019, attracted a great deal of international clients.

A competitive sealed bid auction will also be held alongside next year's show from January 10 to 12. This small-scale auction will feature high-quality gems from Mogok, imperial Myanmar jade and South Sea pearls. Only gems of Myanmar origin will be displayed at the show.

“Since its inception, our fair has been recognised by buyers from all over the world, thanks to our unrivalled reputation as a producer of high-value gems. We expect higher visitor traffic in 2020,” revealed Naing. “Our prices are more competitive since consumers buy from us directly.”

The fair is organised by the Myanmar Gems Enterprise of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, with the support of the Myanmar Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association.

Naing remarked that all purchased gems and jewellery items are tax-free.