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PGI® kicks off jewellery design campaign in China

6 July 2018

PGI® successfully unveils its 'Dandelion Collection' campaign in December 2017

14 outstanding designs were selected for final judging

Judges examining design entries


The Platinum Guild International (PGI®) successfully launched its “Dandelion Collection” campaign in December 2017. The dandelion-themed design competition was aimed at promoting platinum as the symbol of eternal love.

Participants were requested to create platinum jewellery designs for young, trendy and fashionable consumers.

According to PGI®, the aim of the campaign was to enhance industry knowledge on platinum while upholding creativity, craftsmanship and the unique allure of platinum jewellery. Through the campaign, PGI® also hoped to establish closer ties with other industry stakeholders for future cooperation.

The initiative received positive market response, with 19 companies submitting a total of 148 design entries – 50 of which were shortlisted in January. Following stringent benchmarks, the organising committee selected 14 outstanding finalists, which were translated into actual platinum jewellery pieces and sent for final judging on March 15.

The judging panel, consisting of industry experts, evaluated the designs following these four criteria: Design concept, craftsmanship, presentation of platinum and marketability. After a careful assessment, Fei Yang and Zhen Cai emerged as winners. The selected pieces could be chosen as promotional platinum products to be worn by Chinese actor Yang Yang for marketing campaigns organised by PGI®.

Yang Yang was selected by PGI® as its new spokesperson for platinum in 2017. His determination and the way he shines on stage best match the flawless glitter of platinum, PGI® remarked. Yang also starred in a promotional video for the iconic Dandelion collection, which featured the story of a dandelion’s journey of eternal love.

PGI® has long been enhancing market knowledge of platinum in China. It is now at the forefront of promoting fresh jewellery design trends using platinum. Through extensive marketing and promotion, PGI® is dedicated to rebranding platinum as a symbol of eternity and help it gain even more popularity among consumers.


All information provided by PGI®