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PNJ leads innovations in Asia’s jewellery sector

14 September 2018

18-karat gold brooch with diamonds from the Rhythm on Terraced Fields Collection


Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Co (PNJ) is celebrating three decades of unprecedented success, further cementing its reputation as one of Asia’s most influential jewellery manufacturers.

Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Co (PNJ), Vietnam’s top jewellery manufacturer and retailer, has collected various milestones in its 30 years of operations. Each milestone, the company said, represented its unmatched artistry and innovative spirit.

The jeweller established a state-of-the art production facility in 2012, making PNJ the only company in Vietnam that owns a factory with modern equipment and a 1,000-strong staff composed of skilled jewellers and jewellery artisans.

With an area of 12,500 square metres, it is the largest jewellery factory in Vietnam, contributing vastly to the country’s overall production capacity.

On the retail front, PNJ is in the midst of implementing a 10-year development strategy to mark its expansion into the retail business, with a heavy focus on fortifying its retail and manufacturing expertise.

PNJ currently has a nationwide retail network of more than 300 stores. The company said it is capable of effectively managing distribution channels and carrying out expansion plans.

“Since its establishment, the PNJ brand has gained the trust of consumers, thanks to its top-quality products and customer service, as well as transparency in doing business,” the company said.

Asian perspective

With Asia quickly emerging as a new hub for jewellery trade due to its population and economic prowess, PNJ’s role in helping to raise the profile of Asian jewellers globally has become even more pronounced.

“Asia’s economy is growing fast, fuelling the purchasing power of consumers. The habits and preferences of consumers in Asia are also changing and mirroring those of Western buyers, which means people are purchasing jewellery for aesthetic purposes rather than as an investment tool,” explained PNJ.

In Vietnam, this economic advancement presents enormous opportunities for jewellery industry players.

Technology likewise plays a crucial role in strengthening the business and ensuring seamless operations, said the company.

“We are bent on applying modern technology across our production chain, specifically the so-called Industry 4.0, to modernise our manufacturing processes and further enhance customer experience,” noted PNJ.

Industry 4.0 describes the current trend of combining physical and digital technologies to redefine and transform traditional ways of manufacturing products and running businesses.

New collection

PNJ is also introducing its Rhythm on Terraced Fields Collection, which brings to mind Northwest Vietnam’s breathtaking rice terraces. “The colour of rice blending flawlessly with ripples of land resembling silk ribbons evokes the mountainous area’s gentle yet striking beauty,” remarked PNJ.

Planted on terraces, the rice is watered by rain from the forest and nurtured by the sky and earth – depicting the respect and sustainable link between humans and nature.

The fine jewellery collection breathes life into this formidable and enduring connection, according to the jeweller.