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Platinum Guild International joins celebrity to launch brand commercial in China

15 October 2018

Platinum Guild International (PGI®), together with its brand ambassador Yang Yang, launched the advertising film, The Legend of Platinum Dandelion, depicting the beauty of true love with pure and graceful images. In the film, Yang Yang plays the role of an innocent, brave, persevering and enthusiastic gardener who lived on the dandelion planet waiting for his true love. The film presents the platinum dandelion fairy tale in the most enchanting and beautiful manner while interpreting the eternal charm of pure platinum.

Brand Ambassador: Yang Yang


Platinum • Dandelion jewellery collection

A tiny yet widespread flower, the dandelion grows on the ground but its seeds dance with the wind to every corner of the earth. Platinum dandelions likewise spread the dream of eternal and unwavering love, capturing the perfect moment for eternity. The resilience of platinum allows a variety of delicate designs, which seemingly fly out with the wind. The never-fading pure colour of platinum will remain as pure as ever, untouched by the passage of time. The resilience and ductility of platinum restore the liveliness of dandelions. Each item combines delicacy and tenacity, neatness and ethereality, engraving a lifelong commitment around the one you love.

On this Chinese Valentine’s Day, the Platinum • Dandelion jewellery collection will show your one true love that your tender heart is as pure as platinum. It is the ideal way to convey your utmost love to her and the perfect symbol of a couple’s undying commitment. Platinum endows you with the courage to pursue love and make this everlasting.

More about Platinum

1.What is platinum?

Platinum (Pt) is a naturally occurring, precious, white metal. Two billion years ago, a huge meteorite hit the earth and created this precious metal. Platinum has shone brightly in human history from as far back as 700 BC. Since then, for more than 2,000 years, it has been considered the most valuable metal, one highly sought after by royalty.

Pure - Platinum is naturally white, giving platinum jewellery a unique look. Due to its stable nature, platinum jewellery maintains a pure white lustre even when worn every day.

Rare - Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold. It is only mined in a few places in the world. If all the platinum in the world were melted and poured into an Olympic-sized pool, the platinum would barely reach your ankles. Gold, however, would fill three pools.

           Only about 3 grams of platinum can be extracted from 1 tonne of platinum ore. 

           Three grams are only equivalent to the weight of a small platinum ring. And it takes about eight weeks with a lot of energy to extract that much platinum.

Eternal - Platinum's durability and resistance mean your jewellery will last a lifetime. It will remain shiny throughout. Even when coming in contact with common acidic substances such as sulphur in hot springs, bleach, chlorine in swimming pools, or sweat, it will not be affected. You can thus wear platinum jewellery any time anywhere without any concerns.

2.Platinum and diamond are a perfect match

• Platinum can hold a diamond securely due to its integral resilience and ductile quality.

• Platinum is durable, and its high density and superior strength give a diamond more substantial protection.

• The natural white colour of platinum enhances the light of a diamond.

• Exchanging eternal platinum rings symbolises the exchange of mutual vows for a lifetime.

• Platinum and diamond are the perfect match to attest to a couple’s never-fading commitment.

[More About Platinum]

How do I know if a piece of jewellery is made of genuine platinum?

The easiest way is to ensure that the jewellery you bought carries the Pt or “鉑” mark. This mark is like the identity card of platinum. Only jewellery pieces with Pt marks are genuine platinum jewellery pieces. According to Chinese national standards, each piece of platinum jewellery must carry a Pt mark indicating purity information. For instance, Pt900 or “鉑900” signifies a purity of 900‰, while “足鉑” indicates a purity of more than 990‰.

About Platinum Guild International (PGI®)

Platinum Guild International (PGI®) was founded in 1975 and is a trade organisation supported by the major South African platinum producers. PGI® has specialist teams dedicated to developing demand for platinum jewellery through consumer and trade facing programmes in the four key jewellery markets of China, India, Japan and the US. In China, PGI® works to cultivate and guide Chinese consumers’ passion for platinum jewellery by providing a full range of support to promote the local platinum jewellery industry, and has achieved great results. In 2000, China became the biggest market for platinum jewellery in the world.


To learn more facts about platinum and information about designated platinum jewellery retailers, please log on to the official website,, or follow the official account “鉑金Platinum” on WeChat to find out more about platinum.