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Elegant concept boosts buyer experience

14 November 2018

By Christie Dang   

Inspired by roof tiles of traditional houses, the redesigned façade of the Cartier Peking Road boutique features onyx, bronze and calacata, exuding golden tones that are both precious and feminine. The façade also embodies a fusion of traditional elements and modern style – echoing Hong Kong’s diversity and vitality; comfortable lounges invite customers to rest and relax while perusing the inspirational display of home accessories. Bountiful curves infuse a soft feminine touch into the jewellery salon, highlighted with luxurious golden wall panels


The ever-growing popularity of online purchases has changed the dynamics in the retail scene, and enhancing shoppers’ experience at physical stores has become more vital. To further improve its image, world-renowned luxury brand Cartier has recently renovated its flagship store located in the heart of Hong Kong’s retail district, making it a must-visit boutique in town.

Luxury brand Cartier’s flagship boutique in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong has recently undergone a lavish transformation. The refurbished store is now triple in size, unveiling a dazzling new design concept that displays an impeccable combination of Chinese art and the brand’s aesthetic traditions.

Conceived by internationally renowned interior designer Bruno Moinard, the 982-sqm store features an impressive mix of onyx, bronze and white marble on the exterior and a subtle shade of champagne that exudes a more contemporary style. This demonstrates the brand’s energetic image against the backdrop of an emerging generation of young luxury buyers. One major innovation aimed at enhancing the retail experience is a stylish area inside the ground entrance where Cartier Ambassadors greet customers and help arrange appointments for them to optimise their shopping time. Curved walls in the dedicated salons also create a softer and more inviting atmosphere where comfortable lounges encourage customers to relax and linger.

In a highly competitive marketplace where customer experience has become an integral part of any retail business, frontline investments are crucial, especially in the luxury sector.