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PGI® unveils thematic advertising film featuring Platinum Ambassador Yang Yang

7 December 2018

The latest advertising campaign from PGI® reinforces the power of true love as immortalised in platinum jewellery.


The Platinum Guild International (PGI®) has released a new advertising campaign starring Chinese Platinum Ambassador Yang Yang. The superbly directed film celebrates the strength of a lasting love – a love that deepens with the passage of time. Platinum is featured prominently in each scene as the centrepiece of every unforgettable moment and a glittering icon of endurance.

In the stunning visuals, Yang Yang is seen walking down a passage interspersed with light and shadow, with a pensive look on his handsome face as he holds a platinum ring between his fingers. The scene then transitions to a collection of moments featuring platinum jewellery: A young man presenting an anniversary necklace to his girlfriend; a groom solemnly slipping a wedding band on the bride’s finger; a newborn child being given a good luck charm bracelet by his loving parents; an elderly couple exchanging glances of affection, couple rings glittering bright on their aged hands; and a mother pinning a brooch on her adult son who’s about to leave home. Platinum is present in each of these milestone moments as a symbol of love that can stand the test of time; a testament to perpetual devotion and commitment.


Platinum’s high durability and brilliance make it the perfect choice for commemorating love that remains unchanged by time; audacious in its endurance. The Platinum • Moment of Eternity Collection features platinum rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants with diamonds and gemstones in a variety of colours. Platinum’s natural whiteness brings the glory of the coloured gemstones to the fullest, which sparkle with the wearer’s every movement, while a circular design is employed in the pendants to suggest the cyclical nature of life. Choose white diamonds to perfectly blend with platinum’s subdued, elegant hue; or black diamonds for a subtle yet unique expression of refinement. Proclaim the infinite depth of your love with ocean-blue sapphires, their rays made all the more radiant by the brilliance of platinum. Alternately, select a platinum band inlaid with black-and-white ceramic to represent a love made strong by the flames of trials and tribulations.

This trendy collection is suitable for all occasions. Mix and match the different pieces to showcase 
your creativity and inimitable style. Platinum • Moment of Eternity Collection: The brilliance of platinum, to eternity and beyond.

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Q: How do I know if a piece of jewellery is made of genuine platinum?

A: The easiest way is to ensure that the jewellery you bought carries the Pt or “鉑” mark. This mark is like the identity card of platinum. Only jewellery pieces with the Pt mark are genuine. According to Chinese national standards, each piece of platinum jewellery must carry a Pt mark with the purity information indicated. For example, Pt900 or “鉑900” signifies a purity of 900‰, while “足鉑” indicates a purity of more than 990‰.

To know more about platinum and designated platinum jewellery retailers, please log on to the official website,, or follow the official account “鉑金Platinum” on WeChat.

About Platinum Guild International (PGI®)

PGI® was founded in 1975 and is a trade organisation supported by major South African platinum producers. PGI® has specialist teams dedicated to developing demand for platinum jewellery through consumer and trade facing programmes in the four key jewellery markets of China, India, Japan and the US. In China, PGI® works to cultivate and guide Chinese consumers’ passion for platinum jewellery by providing a full range of support to promote the local platinum jewellery industry, and has achieved great results. In 2000, China became the biggest market for platinum jewellery in the world.