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Digitalisation in the gemstone world

3 April 2019

By Bernardette Sto. Domingo   

7.99-carat Paraiba tourmaline

28.95-carat red tourmaline

Blue and yellow sapphire layouts weighing a total of 408.03 carats


German gemstone trader Paul Wild aims to fortify its digital presence in 2019 as a way to engage more effectively with an increasingly tech-savvy market. 

Paul Wild OHG, which celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2017, views digitalisation as the next frontier in the coloured gemstone business. Company CEO Markus Paul Wild talked to JNA about challenges and opportunities as well as the latest colour trends in the gem trade.

How challenging will 2019 be for the jewellery and gemstone industry?

Markus Paul Wild: The challenge in 2019 is how to incorporate the digital world more and more into our operations. We expect a lot of changes in the distribution business in the future. We are also in the process of finding out the best way to stay in touch with our customers and present our products to them online. This means placing more emphasis on our social media presence.

Why is it important to focus on digitalisation nowadays?

Wild: One of our main focus this year is on opportunities arising from the digital world. We aim to integrate and network with our clients in new and more effective ways. This digital revolution is inevitable.

What colours are expected to make waves in 2019 and why? How about the classic favourites – red, green and blue?

Wild: We expect the Pantone Colour of the Year – Living Coral – to be one of the most requested colours in 2019 especially in tourmalines and imperial topaz. This will be the highlight of our collection, Bright Sight of Light. Classic colours are always in demand.

What is your outlook for the coloured gemstones in your portfolio?

Wild: Now as always, the Paraiba tourmaline has proven to be one of our best-selling stones and we don’t see that changing. Paraiba tourmalines in all kinds of shapes, from middle to high quality, are always extremely sought after. The demand is still growing.

Our other collection, Abundance of Nature, meanwhile places opulent layouts and designs in the limelight. Most of the layouts are made with beryls, tourmalines and sapphires. Necklaces are longer than before while the stones are bigger. Nature-inspired designs are also expected to make waves this year.