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Belpearl highlights traceability in pearl trade

10 April 2019

Belpearl Auctions reinforces its role as a reliable source of top-quality pearls in Hong Kong as it underscores the importance of transparency in doing business.

Golden South Sea pearls


Hong Kong-based Belpearl Auctions is maintaining an upbeat outlook for the pearl sector as traders continue to seek good-quality, well-sorted lots.

Michael Hajjar, director of Business Development at Belpearl, said solid demand for South Sea pearls is particularly promising. There are however concerns over how a slowdown in the Chinese market is diminishing premiums, especially for pearls in lighter, yellow colours.

The company official also cited the need to satisfy buyers’ call for transparency in the market.

“Today, more than ever, discerning buyers are increasingly more concerned with transparency and traceability,” noted Hajjar. “Belpearl has always prided itself on representing pearl producers with integrity by requiring our auction partners to attest to the exact provenance of their harvests. In this way, we provide a clear chain of custody, linking pearl producers directly with traders and jewellers so a clear, verifiable and traceable line to the pearl’s origin exists.”

Bright prospects

Belpearl successfully conducted a number of auctions last year, concluding with a five-day sale in November.

“We’ve had an exceptionally busy auction season. The November auction was held over a five-day period, with our producers closing an auction every day,” remarked Hajjar. “The first two days of sale were held by Indonesian producers Timor Otsuki Mutiara and PT Bima Sakti Mutiara; followed by Myanmar Atlantic Company Ltd and Sumpai Pearl Company of the Philippines. We concluded the fifth day with the Belpearl Tahiti Auction.”

Over the years, the company has attracted more auction partners, the latest of which is an Australian South Sea pearl producer.

Belpearl scheduled the International Myanmar Pearl Auction in February, followed by the Belpearl Auction featuring a range of producers such as Timor Otsuki Mutiara, Myanmar Andaman Pearl Company, as well as new producers from Indonesia and French Polynesia.