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Sakura diamonds: A cut above the rest

8 July 2019

By Bernardette Sto. Domingo   

The Sakura diamond cut has 87 facets from the usual 58, allowing the observer to see the hearts and arrows pattern from the front and back. The special cut creates delicate, mesmerising sparkles.

Sakura diamond necklace


Japan-based jewellery manufacturer Tokyo Kiho Co Ltd, inventor of the innovative Sakura diamond cut, wants to expand its presence in overseas markets to
attract a more global clientele.

At the forefront of its product offerings are Sakura diamond jewellery collections that pay homage to Japan’s well-loved pink cherry blossoms, revealed the company’s Satoshi Kumon.

"The Sakura diamond brand highlights this inventive cut, which is extremely popular in the bridal market in Japan. Using a special loupe, a cherry blossom becomes visible in the centre of the diamond,” noted Kumon.

The decagon-shaped Sakura diamond has 87 facets as opposed to 58 in a traditional round brilliant cut, resulting in refined, tantalising sparkles.

Kumon said modern buyers are more drawn to stories behind a product, which bodes well for the brand. In fact, Sakura diamonds are among Tokyo Kiho’s most sought-after products at jewellery fairs in Japan.

"Quite a number of buyers are constantly looking for unique items that truly stand out. This makes our Sakura diamonds attractive to more sophisticated buyers,” the company official said. Tokyo Kiho, a JASDAQ-listed company, is eyeing to extend its foothold in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe, and to work with other brands to successfully market its products.

The company's main clients are retailers and department stores all over Japan.