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Autore focuses on quality and diversity

12 August 2019

Australia’s Autore Group further strengthens production and design quality to sustain its market position.

Autore South Sea Pearls Pty Ltd marketing manager Ruby Autore


As a vertically integrated company, Autore South Sea Pearls Pty Ltd is maintaining a strong focus on excellence and sustainability across all areas of the business – South Sea pearl production, wholesaling and jewellery design and manufacturing, revealed company marketing manager Ruby Autore.

Autore owns and operates ten South Sea pearl farms around the globe, harvesting more than 300,000 pearls annually and making 40,000 strands a year.

"Classic pearl jewellery pieces are always the better-selling items," noted Ruby. “While we offer variety, we specialise in white or golden South Sea pearls, baroque or round. We also provide a wide selection of pearl jewellery designs at different price points to cater to the different needs of our customers.”

Autore likewise aims to modernise its designs to change consumers' perception of pearls, she continued.

Autore enjoyed a fruitful year in 2018. According to Ruby, further strengthening the company's business in Asia, Europe and the Middle East is one of its main goals. With China rising to become one of its biggest markets, Autore is also focusing on Europe, which is showing signs of growth, and Japan, which is a major buyer of loose pearls and strands.

Citing positive feedback from buyers, Autore is optimistic about the future of pearls, buoyed by steady demand.

"Every market has a different preference. For instance, golden South Sea pearls are popular in Doha based on a recent trade fair while white round pearls are more attractive in Australia and Asia. In jewellery, pieces adorned with baroque pearls in trendier designs are highly sought after,” explained Ruby.