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ICA | GemLab ushers in digitalised trade

9 October 2019

Established in 2017, ICA | GemLab has taken tremendous steps to modernise the gemstone sector. This September, the company is unveiling an advanced app that can change the way gem traders do business.


Omar Wahid Hatta, director of ICA | GemLab, talks about the company's latest technological innovation towards digitalisation to be launched at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Please tell us about this new app.

We have been working on an application programming interface (API) and a mobile API that combine 360-degree photography with educational content – all integrated into the primary digital gemmological report.

What makes it unique?

We offer an API, which can replace e-commerce product pages. It's an all-in-one deal for those asking for a report. Our app has four major functions. One is an inventory management system for buyers and sellers. There is a collaboration system within it that provides a platform for consignments and business partners. This is what the trade does now; we're just digitalising it.

There is also a showroom function for trade shows and/or meetings with clients. Users can choose gem certificates from their inventory and place those in the showroom. The showroom itself functions as the “GemCert” where the integration among the gemmological report, educational content, and 360-photography plays out. Clients can even reference their gems using our digitalised colour master sets.

We also provide free education on our platform, which is a first in the industry. To open doors to newcomers, we want to offer something free and accessible, backed by a gemmological lab. We're also announcing an account acquisition platform, which is like a crossover between Airbnb and Instagram. Clients can post their gem certificates anonymously onto a wall for potential buyers to see. Anyone interested can inquire with us. We provide access, becoming a true liaison between the consumer and the dealer. We aim to provide accessibility and credibility with this revolutionary product.

What difference can this app make in today's business landscape?

We provide access for existing and new traders. By doing so, we gradually go into paperless trade. This makes our lab the world's first e-gemlab focusing on digital gemmological reports. With more and more features on the way, we will slowly evolve the trade to utilise digital gemmological reports as their primary report.