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Kapu Gems

29 September 2016




Country / Region: India

India’s gemstone and jewellery industry faces very stiff competition in the region, but Kapu Gems, renowned as one of the world’s major manufacturers of flawless diamonds, is helping keep the sparkle at home. Leveraging its commanding presence online and occupying a solid position in offline marketing, the diamond manufacturer is among India’s prized jewels.

“India has risen to be a leading player in the global jewellery market, and has emerged as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diamonds,” Kapu Gems declared, adding that the company has further raised the profile of the “Make in India” brand.

India’s gemstone and jewellery sector is also getting a boost from Kapu Gems’ active participation in trade exhibitions held in major cities around the world.

A Responsible Jewellery Council-certified company, Kapu Gems is one of the largest manufacturers of diamonds weighing 30 points to 10 carats and above, in round and fancy shapes, and in virtually all clarity grades (Flawless to SI2) and colours (D to K). While it conducts business strongly over the Internet, Kapu Gems also does direct selling offline through customer relationship marketing to a client base comprising of more than a thousand jewellery retailers, manufacturers and dealers across India, and more than 33 countries worldwide. These clients are among the leaders in their respective markets.

Being recognised as a finalist in the Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – India category of the 2016 JNA Awards has further motivated Kapu Gems to excel in the world of diamond manufacturing and marketing. “It is always heart-warming when a leading body of the industry like the JNA Awards recognises one’s achievements,” Kapu Gems stated. “The JNA Awards motivates and encourages participating companies to attain even higher standards in their product quality and service levels.”

Kapu Gems takes its role seriously as a reputable manufacturer of large-sized diamonds. Taking pride in its value-added services, the diamond manufacturer procures rough goods directly from trusted mining companies and secondary sources.

Founded in 1994, Kapu Gems manages to keep its main workforce into a lean but efficient number of less than a thousand highly trained employees. The company generates 51 percent of its annual revenue from the Far East, with 23 percent coming from the US and Canada, 19 percent from Asia and the UAE, 6 percent from Europe, and 1 percent from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries combined. Another growth driver is the surge in the company’s customer base. It gained more than 1,500 customers from October 2014 to 2016 – an increase of more than 45 percent.

India is no stranger to digital technology and innovation, and Kapu Gems is one convincing evidence of this fact. Through its website ( and mobile applications, the manufacturer gives its customers the option to choose and purchase diamonds from a wide selection of quality polished goods with ease. Crisp digital images help make the selection process easier, with an option for computerised matched pairs and access to exclusive designer diamond layouts. As an extended service, Kapu Gems has the capability to synchronise its website with its customers’ to help the latter manage an organised inventory system.