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  • Belpearl Auctions: Connecting the pearl business to global markets

    Over the last six years, Belpearl Auctions Ltd has expanded its presence in Hong Kong by effectively building connections between pearl farmers and global buyers.

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  • HK retains edge as Tahitian pearl trading hub

    According to 2018 export figures from the Marine and Mining Resources Department of French Polynesia, Hong Kong continues to be the largest importer of Tahitian pearls, commanding a 63 percent share in total export weight and 57 percent in export value.

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  • Solid demand for top-quality pearls at HK auction

    Rio Pearl’s latest auction saw a slight drop in sales but high-quality pearls enjoyed strong demand.

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  • Diamond dealers upbeat amid challenges

    Majority of customers no longer buy for stock and are spending cautiously but diamond traders are not complaining as this dynamic change in buying behaviour is bringing about new areas of growth.

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  • Colours and more: An overview of the global gem market

    Hardly a major auction goes by these days without gemstones breaking world records. Prices have gone through the roof for rare and untreated Kashmir sapphires, Burmese rubies and Colombian emeralds, not to mention top prices fetched by fancy colour diamonds. Here’s a peek into various developments in the global gem market.

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  • Mastering the art of visual merchandising

    For a jewellery retailer, capturing the attention of passersby is visual merchandising. That crucial second when people see a display window determines if they would stop and look, or walk on by. What is the secret to creating captivating jewellery window displays?

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  • Robert Wan: A True Legend

    Robert Wan, renowned as the pearl emperor of Tahiti and founder of the Robert Wan Group, looks at a bright future with plans to further strengthen his company’s existing operations.

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  • Kent Wong: Embracing changes, facing the future

    Macroeconomic uncertainties may have dampened the spirits of jewellery industry players but Kent Wong, managing director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, is taking a different stance. In a talk with JNA, Wong said he remains optimistic about prospects in the business and cited embracing market changes as the key to tackling challenges.

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  • UltraBrights revolutionises the melee diamond cut

    Diamond specialist Mikisa Gems introduces UltraBrights, a curated selection of melees featuring an innovative cut that optimally enhances a diamond’s brilliance, fire and scintillation.

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  • Platinum: A majestic journey

    The pure, rare and eternal qualities of platinum have been highly treasured by nobles for centuries. To established European jewellers, platinum represents their image and value. Recently, the Platinum Guild International (PGI®) and Han Tang Culture talked to four legendary jewellery brands about their love affair with platinum.

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  • Van Cleef & Arpels: Rich history, glorious future

    French jewellery house Van Cleef & Arpels is known for its iconic collections and high-quality craftsmanship. JNA spoke with Van Cleef CEO Nicolas Bos about the company’s competitive advantages and its thriving business model.

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  • PGI® hosts 2018 China platinum jewellery forum Industry leaders gather to discuss future of platinum

    Top platinum industry leaders, innovators, experts and partners discussed the latest developments, challenges and opportunities in the Chinese platinum market at the Platinum Guild International (PGI®) China Platinum Jewellery Forum held in Shenzhen in December 2018. Forum participants also identified potential drivers of growth.

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  • Belpearl highlights traceability in pearl trade

    Belpearl Auctions reinforces its role as a reliable source of top-quality pearls in Hong Kong as it underscores the importance of transparency in doing business.

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  • Aquaprase and variscite: New gem options

    Two relatively new gemstones have been making the rounds in the global gem and jewellery community, offering buyers variety and an opportunity to market unique, gem-centric jewellery pieces.

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  • Digitalisation in the gemstone world

    German gemstone trader Paul Wild aims to fortify its digital presence in 2019 as a way to engage more effectively with an increasingly tech-savvy market.

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  • Caryl Capeci: Blazing trails in the diamond market

    Hearts On Fire President Caryl Capeci sits down with JNA to talk about combatting challenges in the ever-evolving diamond jewellery industry, the company’s role in promoting women empowerment and offering products that resonate with today’s forward-looking consumers.

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