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  • Sri Lanka turns spotlight on fine gems and jewellery

    This year’s edition of Sri Lanka’s leading international gem and jewellery show, Facets, is expected to make waves in the gemstone world. Scheduled for August 31 to September 3 at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre in Colombo, the 27th edition of Facets will showcase the best of Sri Lanka’s topmost resource, according to the event organiser, the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewelry Association (SLGJA).

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  • Japan intensifies global pearl promotion

    Japan is showing no signs of slowing down as it takes a major step in further strengthening its reputation as the world’s trading hub for cultured pearls.

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  • Trendy collections, gems glitter at Las Vegas show

    Fine and trendy jewellery collections, and gem-quality gemstones basked in the Las Vegas limelight as buyers’ appetite for top-end and fashionable goods remains firm.

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  • Fine gems, innovative designs shine at June HK Fair

    An expansive selection of top-quality gemstones and fine jewellery dazzled buyers at the 30th edition of the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

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  • Crossover events motivate, upgrade Shuibei's jewellery industry

    Shuibei’s jewellery industry is determined to make a comeback and strengthen its role as the hub of China’s jewellery industry. To achieve this, industry stakeholders are collaborating with other sectors to create synergy through a series of crossover events.

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  • Manufacturer presents 3D resin printer

    Guangzhou Yihui Casting Technology Co Ltd is turning the spotlight on a new 3D printer that it said is capable of printing resin models with “excellent” contours.

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  • Jewellery tools trader remains amid uncertainties

    Established in 2003, Double Technology Ltd offers a wide range of modern jewellery manufacturing equipment including hardware and software products imported mainly from Germany, Japan and the US.

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  • Marie Mas: ‘ Jewels of movement’

    Marie Cabirou, founder and chief designer of Marie Mas, presents exceptional pieces with her first collection, Swinging Stones. Designed to be “jewels of movement” inspired by the underwater world, the collection aptly embodies the joy that one associates with fine jewellery.

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  • Shamballa’s mystic journey

    If there is one piece of jewellery that will always be identified with Shamballa Jewels, it is its iconic beaded macramé Shamballa bracelets. Made of 18-karat gold and 10mm beads of coloured gemstones, gold and diamond pavés, the bracelets are among the must-have jewels of A-list celebrities, from movie stars and music moguls to fashion legends.

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  • Thai jeweller underscores enduring designs

    Francis Chiu Co Ltd of Thailand has always counted on the charm of timeless jewellery to maintain its edge in a highly competitive industry. With buyers becoming more sophisticated however, a jewellery piece has to be both artistic and innovative, according to Francis Chiu, director of the company.In an interview with JNA, Chiu talks about the jeweller’s design philosophies and business strategies.

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  • ‘Revolve’ pendant in 18-karat white gold with diamonds and fancy sapphires

    2016 is a year to remember for Hong Kong-based jeweller Elegance Jewellery International (EJI) as it marked its 25th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, company CEO Ricky Lam looked back at the company’s iconic collections over the years and recreated them for an exhibition.

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  • King Fook stays true to its brand heritage

    King Fook Jewellery is banking on impeccable craftsmanship, extraordinary designs, an exciting product mix and exceptional service to stand out in Hong Kong’s jewellery retail scene.

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  • Dealers see sparkling demand outlook for emeralds

    An emerald’s vivid green colour and regal allure have long enthralled a great number of gemstone collectors and jewellery connoisseurs for thousands of years. In this story, JNA talks to major emerald traders about the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in the global emerald trade.

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  • Japan showcases Filipino artistry with Rajo Laurel and Jewelmer

    For the first time since 1964, the Philippine Embassy in Japan hosted a momentous fashion show presenting the best of Philippine culture.

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  • Venus Jewel launches user-friendly mobile App

    Venus Jewel, one of the world’s recognised leaders in solitaire production, launched its mobile App at the 2017 edition of JCK Las Vegas. The App brings the company’s high-value diamonds to the fingertips of professional diamond buyers, retailers and jewellery manufacturers, enabling them to access Venus Jewel’s diamond inventory anywhere, anytime.

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  • De Beers embarks on polished diamond business

    The De Beers Group of Companies will start selling its own polished diamonds, starting with a pilot auction scheduled for June. A broad selection of polished stones manufactured directly from its rough diamonds will be presented during the sale, according to the company.

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