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  • Chia Ta’s bejewelled treasures

    To Yu Chung-ta, founder and president of Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd, hunting for precious and rare gemstones from around the world is more than just business – it’s a passion. Inside Yu’s treasure trove are exquisite pieces with breathtaking craftsmanship, masterpieces to delight collectors and connoisseurs.

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  • Emerging market set for further growth

    China, the world’s biggest market for platinum jewellery, also leads global growth in demand for gold, diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery. According to a market study by the National Gemstone Testing Centre (NGTC), China’s demand for diamond jewellery is estimated at 62 billion yuan (about US$9.7 billion), with a projected annual growth rate of 5 to 10 percent over the next five years. Despite the economic downturn in recent years, China remains one of the world’s most lucrative jewellery markets, supported by a growing middle class and higher-income groups. The rise of millennials also provides new opportunities for investors from all regions.

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  • Maximising online presence for jewellery businesses

    Against a highly modernised backdrop, majority of today’s jewellery retailers have yet to transition to a more active digital presence by having dynamic websites and fast, reliable e-commerce capabilities.

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  • Csarite®: Beloved gem from Anatolia

    Mined from a single source more than 3,000 feet high in the Anatolian mountains of Turkey, the gem Csarite® has captivated millions since its discovery. Valued for its rarity and unique appeal, this gem is expected to command attention at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

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  • PNJ leads innovations in Asia’s jewellery sector

    Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Co (PNJ) is celebrating three decades of unprecedented success, further cementing its reputation as one of Asia’s most influential jewellery manufacturers.

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  • Jewellery trade in the digital era

    Despite a strong foundation, the jewellery industry is not entirely immune to challenges brought about by today’s digital age. Kevin Metz, chief marketing officer of world-renowned jewellery manufacturer Stuller, shared with JNA his insights into jewellery industry trends and changes in consumer behaviour in the digital era.

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  • Belpearl expects solid demand for pearls

    Belpearl Auction is anticipating strong buyer response at its auction in Hong Kong.

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    Tiffany & Co is giving its renowned New York City flagship store a new face in 2019 in a bid to further enhance its clients’ buying experience. The 10-storey architectural icon at 57th Street and 5th Avenue has served as the cornerstone of Manhattan’s most fashionable shopping district since its opening in 1940.

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  • Pearl Spectacle

    An expansive range of fine-quality pearls from Myanmar and Indonesia is taking centre stage at the highly anticipated Belpearl Auction in September.

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  • Adapting to the new normal

    Leading Indian jeweller and diamantaire KGK Group maintains a positive outlook on growth as it navigates changes in the industry with aplomb, turning challenges into opportunities.

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  • Pearl auction grows in scale, impact

    Rio Pearl’s latest auction offered a more diverse and meticulously sorted selection of South Sea and Tahitian pearls, with buyers favouring top-quality goods.

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  • Opal Opulence

    Priced for their rarity and fancied for their captivating colours and shapes, opals are steadily gaining ground as a gemstone of choice for today’s designers and traders.

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  • Vibrant Future For Coloured Gems

    The gemstone business landscape is constantly changing and with this come new challenges. Buyers are becoming partial to equivalently captivating coloured gems other than the so-called Big Three. Companies meanwhile should take advantage of a more open market by offering top-quality choices.

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  • Shaping the future of the luxury industry

    The global luxury goods industry remains on solid footing amid macroeconomic uncertainties. To sustain growth though, luxury industry players need to identify the right business strategies to face new challenges.

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  • Digital currency for token economy

    By commoditising diamonds as a financial investment tool and tapping new revenue streams, the CARAT digital currency is expected to bolster demand for diamonds and eventually strengthen prices.

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  • Clear lines of diamond demarcation

    De Beers Group is disrupting the disruptors with its new Lightbox brand of lab-grown diamond jewellery launching this September. Through its prices, products and positioning, the brand aims to provide consumers with greater clarity on the differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds.

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